How to get care

The members and staff of Shandon Presbyterian are committed to providing love, care and support to each other as we walk the path of life with Christ and answer God’s call to be servants to those in need. If you are in need of care, these avenues are available.

Congregational care: Members who are in need of care, but are not in crisis, should contact Rev. John Cook at or (803) 771-4408, ext. 132. All information given will be handled confidentially.

When a congregation member is ill or injured, we inform fellow members and pray for you by name seeking the comfort and healing of the Risen Christ. If you do not want members informed of your name and illness stated in these prayers of the people, please notify a pastor. We publish a weekly prayer list electronically. Requests are listed for four weeks. To request prayer or to receive the weekly prayer list via email, please contact Rev. John Cook at

Emergency pastoral care: One of our pastors is available every day to respond to pastoral emergencies. If an emergency arises during business hours, please call the church office at (803) 771-4408. If you are in need of emergency pastoral care after business hours, please call (803) 771-4408 and follow the instructions for reaching the pastor on call. Examples of emergencies include death, illness, marital crisis, domestic violence, child abuse or other personal crisis. All information given will be handled confidentially.

600 King Street (Corner of Blossom and King Streets)
Phone: (803) 256-1033

Live Oak Counseling Center offers psychotherapy, support, education and guidance to individuals and groups in the South Carolina Midlands.  The center has operated as a nonprofit organization since 1991, and its services are available regardless of a client’s religious affiliation, socio-economic level, race or nationality. Financial support is available for clients who lack necessary funds to receive the care they need. For more information about the center, staff and services offered, please click here.

Knitters from Shandon Presbyterian’s congregation work together and individually to knit prayer shawls for members of the church who are in difficulty or pain, particularly those facing medical procedures. The shawls are presented by Shandon Presbyterian’s ministers as they visit in homes, hospitals and interim facilities. The shawls are intended as a symbol of God’s healing presence and as a reminder that they are in our prayers. Shandon Presbyterian’s prayer shawl group is one of hundreds like it across the country. The program was started in 1998 when two students at the Hartford Seminary in Hartford in Connecticut decided that care, concern and knitting could be combined in a shawl that could be given to people in need to “wrap, enfold, comfort, cover, give solace, mother, hug, shelter and beautify.”

Prayer shawl knitters meet monthly in the Atrium (no meetings during the summer). All interested knitters and crocheters are invited to attend. For more more information, please call the church office (803) 771-4408 or email