Election Connection

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https://www.shandonpresbyterian.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/ELECTON-CONNECTION-event.jpgElection Connection

In this time of uncertainty and upheaval in our wider world, the Outreach Ministry’s Peacemaking Committee has discerned that an important part of our mission is to encourage civic engagement among our congregation and in our community and to manifest as best we can God’s love through our support and hospitality offered to those navigating a sometimes confusing, sometimes difficult, sometimes trying process.

We are calling our efforts “Election Connection”. We are focused from now through election day on providing timely information about the election processes in our local counties, along with support and hospitality to our members and neighbors.

We will update “Election Connection” information resources and materials as things change. Click here to find information you may need in the coming weeks and opportunities to add your heart and hands to the effort.