Learn Spanish with classes at Shandon

  • Shandon is offering six-week beginner and intermediate classes for anyone who wants to learn Spanish or brush up on their skills.
  • Classes are planned for 6-7 p.m. Thursdays in Davis Hall and will begin when 8-10 people are signed up. 
  • Spanish 1 (beginner): Learn and develop basic level Spanish skills with focus on listening and speaking in a fun and lively environment. Topics include current events, music, geography and gastronomy in the Spanish world with special attention paid to getting by as a traveler.
  • Spanish 2 (advanced/intermediate): Bring your conversational skills to engage and improve. Topics same as above. Classes will be adjusted for students’ abilities and goals.
  • The instructor will be Ursula Pallares, a Peruvian-American Spanish interpreter at Let’s Talk Spanish & English. An interior designer and artist at Suli Design, Pallares has lived in Columbia most of her life and attended St. Joseph’s School, Irmo High School and USC. She has been on several mission trips to Honduras and Costa Rica and a Rotary International program to Colombia.
  • The six-class cost is $15 weekly or $85 lump sum. For questions or to sign up, call or email Artie Hughes at 803 467- 0995 or ath1950@aol.com.