Reopening Shandon for small group meetings

Small groups of up to 25 people may schedule meetings or gatherings indoors so long as Richland County retains “moderate” classification. These statistics are updated every Sunday evening. We will confirm our status on a week-by-week basis and include that information in the Monday morning churchwide email that includes links to worship registration.

Small groups may meet under the following guidelines: 

  1. Properly fitted masks will be worn by all participants at all times.
  2. Social distancing of at least 6 feet will be maintained between non-household contacts.
  3. All meetings must be scheduled through the church office manager.
  4. Only one small group meeting may occur indoors at any given time.
  5. Ministries of Session will be given scheduling priority, followed by programs of the church.
  6. Music will be either pre-recorded or instrumental only; no singing.
  7. The group organizer (not the church office) will be responsible for maintaining attendance records.
  8. As much as is practical, in-person gatherings are encouraged to provide a remote opportunity for participants who continue to stay at home.

The following spaces are available for reservation:
(Maximum capacity for each space is listed in parentheses.)

  • Library (6)
  • Parlor (10)
  • Atrium (12)
  • Choir Room (15)
  • Davis Hall (25)
  • Activity Center (Gym) (25)
  • Sanctuary (25)

The McDonald Youth Center parking lot, playground and church lawn are also available for outdoor meetings of up to 25 individuals.

Larger gatherings may take place on the church lawn, if coordinated and supervised in conjunction with church staff.