Shandon calls Rev. Jenny McDevitt as new pastor

The votes are in and the congregation of Shandon Presbyterian Church has called Rev. Jenny McDevitt as senior pastor and head of staff. We look forward to her joining us on her first Sunday, May 17. Thanks be to God!

The Pastor Nominating Committee presented Jenny as its nominee in an online congregational meeting Sunday, March 29. Members of the congregation submitted their ballots by mail.

“We greatly appreciate our congregation’s willingness to work with us in this nontraditional manner,” said Audrey Shifflett, PNC co-chair. “We are excited to now be able to share with everyone about Jenny.”

As PNC members worked through the process, they had to maintain confidentiality until the nominee was announced to the congregation.

“It’s been a while since we asked and Jenny said ‘yes,’” said David White. “It was a tough few weeks trying to hold my joyful noises close in my heart. I can’t wait for my Shandon family to embrace Jenny and her spiritual leadership.”

Jenna Cox, PNC co-chair agrees: “Even before meeting Jenny, her sermons helped me navigate the most trying times I’ve faced in life. Her sermons encourage me to examine my role within our community of faith and service to those around us.”

Although currently self-quarantined in her New York City apartment, Jenny remains happy and healthy, and she is preparing to move to Columbia. Even if we’re still practicing social distancing at that time, we’re all in for a treat as she begins her ministry with us.

“Jenny is an enthusiastic storyteller, a compassionate spiritual leader, and an ideal match for Shandon,” said PNC member Kenny Phelps. “Her sermons spark reflection and push me to a deeper faith journey.”

Due to the unusual circumstances of a pandemic emergency coinciding with this call process, the PNC sought and received guidance from the pastoral staff and the Trinity Presbytery to determine an appropriate course of measures for conducting the congregational meeting and receiving votes. The Presbytery’s Council on Ministry formally approved the process Shandon’s PNC proposed. They also requested documentation of the process to share in case other churches find themselves in similar circumstances.

Thank you all for your prayers for our PNC and your faithfulness to God and Shandon Presbyterian Church,

Shandon Presbyterian Church Pastor Nominating Committee,
Jenna Foster Cox, Artie Hughes, Mike Hughes, Claire McDonald, Kenny Phelps, Patty Quattlebaum, Audrey Shifflett and David White