Tool drive will save money on repairs

In this shut-down time at church, our sexton, Gerald Taylor, and I have been able to accomplish many small maintenance tasks around the church. By painting, making basic plumbing and electrical repairs, re-soldering stained glass window braces and repairing furniture and shelving, we have been able to save the church several thousand dollars.

However, the church doesn’t have much in the way of tools. – even for accomplishing mundane tasks. With the blessing of the Building and Grounds Ministry and the pastoral staff, I am initiating a tool drive to create a well-stocked tool closet to enable us to do more basic maintenance and repair and save the church more money in the future.

We are not requesting new tools. Duplicates or unused ones from your toolbox or garage will work just fine as long as they are in working condition. We need all hand tools, small power tools, toolboxes, etc.:

  • screwdrivers.
  • pliers and wrenches of various sizes and styles.
  • hammers.
  • saws.
  • circular saw.
  • drill.
  • hammer drill.
  • reciprocating saw.
  • jigsaw.
  • hand sander.
  • toolboxes.
  • a work table.
  • a storage cabinet.
  • One big ticket item we could make great use of is a commercial pressure washer.

It is my hope to fully stock our tool closet with gently used donations. If we get more than we need, all duplicates will be donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Please spend a few minutes sorting through your tools and share any that are not being used with your church. Your donation will not only save us the cost of the tools, but the value of countless repairs done in the future.

You can bring your tools to the church and leave by the entry doors under the portico. I am in the office every weekday and will get them to their new home.

Thank you,
Robert Walker, church administrator