Café Justo: Caffeine with a conscious

Café Justo provides a meaningful way to  “do good” for our global neighbors while you also enjoy an amazingly good cup of coffee in your own home – that’s definitely “caffeine with a conscience.”

Café Justo is a 100% fair-trade coffee in which the coffee growers in Chiapas, Mexico, own the entire line of production from growing the beans to consumer sales.

All Cafe Justo coffees are shade-grown and 100% organic and there’s a variety to suit every taste:

  • Decaf
  • 100% Arabica (mild)
  • 50% Arabica/50%Robusta (moderate)
  • 100% Robusta (strongest)
All four types are available in ground and  whole bean.  Each bag (only $10 for a full pound) bears the name of the coffee grower.
For more information or to order, contact email, call 803-252-7752 or text 803-743-7122.