Memorials & endowments

Gifts in memory of or in honor of loved ones

Memorial and endowment fund gifts in memory of or in honor of loved ones are welcome and appreciated. Please make the gift to Shandon Presbyterian Church and indicate the person (or occasion) to be remembered or honored. Notification will be sent to the appropriate persons.

Sharing your faith and material gifts is a means of demonstrating the true meaning of Christian stewardship. The Trustees encourage you to consider prayerfully giving to the permanent funds of the church. Perhaps the greatest reward of giving to the permanent funds of the church is the knowledge that the gift will continue in future years to assist in the propagation and proclamation of the Christian faith throughout the mission of Shandon Presbyterian Church. If you would like to make a gift, establish a new named fund, or establish a charitable gift annuity, please contact the church office at (803) 771-4408.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are memorial and endowment funds used for?

The memorial and endowment funds are pooled and invested. Earnings from investments provide permanent resources for building needs, childcare scholarships, college scholarships, music ministry, spiritual enrichment, theological training, outreach funds and youth service projects.

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What are the advantages to a donor?

Tax advantages: Donors of memorial and endowment funds receive the maximum tax advantages allowed by law. (Please consult your tax advisor with any questions.)
Permanence: A gift to the memorial and endowment funds will give back to Shandon Presbyterian Church in perpetuity and will enable us to build a legacy for the future of Shandon Presbyterian Church, its members and community. Donating to a fund is simple and requires little paperwork. The trustees and/or business manager will be happy to help complete and file any paperwork on the donor’s behalf.
Flexibility: Donors may select from a wide variety of established funds serving various ministries, outreach and scholarships. Unspecified donations will be received by the general endowment fund. Many assets, such as stocks and bonds, real estate, life insurance and cash may be contributed.
Recognition or anonymity: Donors may choose to receive recognition for their donation and may name their fund for their family or an individual if the donation exceeds $25,000. Some donors prefer anonymity.
Public accountability: The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Foundation publishes an annual report that includes financial statements audited by an independent firm.

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How are funds managed?

The Book of Order provides that Trustees elected by the congregation shall “manage any permanent special funds for the furtherance of the purposes of the church, all subject to the authority of the Session.” The Session and the Trustees not only ensure that the wishes and instructions of the donor are followed but also regularly review the management of the funds. The funds are pooled and invested through the Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation. For 200 years, the foundation has managed funds from individuals and the endowments of churches, governing bodies, and church-related institutions of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The foundation provides professional money management and economies of scale out of reach for an endowment fund of a single church.

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