Memorial Garden

Just as we trust in our cleansing through baptism, we believe the consecration of our remains in Christian burial is the symbol of a whole life in the church and in Jesus Christ.

The Lewis F. Galloway Memorial Garden and Columbarium is designed to be our statement of the traditional ministry of the church to provide dignified Christian burial of the cremated remains of its members and their families.

The beauty of the memorial garden is a proclamation of our faith in the resurrection of the dead and a place for meditation, rest and prayer.

Any member or former member of Shandon, their spouses and children and immediate family are eligible for burial in the memorial garden. Immediate family includes the father, mother, husband, wife and children. Ministers who have served Shandon and their immediate families are eligible for burial. Interment may be in one of three ways:

  • Columbarium
  • In-ground burial
  • Scattering of the cremains

Memorial plaques are available for members of Shandon and their immediate families who have been interred elsewhere.

To make arrangements, contact the church business office, (803) 771-4408.


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