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IM NEW 2014-6

Beyond its beautiful sanctuary, Shandon Presbyterian may seem to a newcomer like a labyrinth of corridors and classrooms; upstairs, downstairs, turnaround and suddenly there is a gymnasium and a beautiful side entrance portico. Where did the front of the church go?

The physical layout may confound at first, but at Shandon we want the welcome to be straightforward and warm. So come to a Sunday School class. Join us for a picnic on the lawn. Let us take care of your child while you enter a pew and worship in silence or with song. Engage with young people nurturing the tender stalks of their faith, overseen by adults who supply the roots and water. The Sunday experience is a communal one of shared friendship and shared faith that extends all week long.

Shandon Presbyterian Church welcomes believers at all stages into its fellowship. If you are interested in becoming a member of this Christian community, we invite you to attend our orientation sessions, offered several times a year.

These sessions are designed to help prospective Shandon members learn about our congregation, its beliefs, traditions, government and programs. It is a safe place to ask questions about faith, questions about transitioning from another congregation or even non-belief or questions about raising a child in the church.

For more information about the new member orientation, please click here.

For questions or more information about joining Shandon Presbyterian Church, please contact Rev. Jenny McDevitt at (803) 771-4408 or jmcdevitt@shandonpresbyterian.org.